Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine – All you need to know!

Vintage Necchi sewing machines are still as useful today as they were when they were created. This vintage Italian sewing machine is in high demand by sewing enthusiasts who love using it. Learn more about the Necchi sewing machines and why they are so valuable.

History of Necchi Sewing Machines

The history of Necchi is fascinating, just like other vintage sewing machine brands. Vittorio Necchi was born to a cast iron machine founder. His wife asked Necchi for a sewing machine after he returned from World War I. He decided to make his own sewing machine instead of purchasing from another brand such as Singer. His first production machine was produced in the factory in 1924, according to the Necchi company. They were able to produce nearly 20,000 Necchi sewing machines each year by 1930. This was an immediate success. The Necchi brand was a leader in style and elegance in the 1950s and is still in production today. While they are not as well-known as Singer sewing machines, Necchi still has a loyal following and some vintage Necchi models are highly sought after by collectors.

Who invented the Necchi sewing machine?

Vittorio Necchi founded Necchi sewing machines at the beginning of the 1920s.

Vittorio Necchi His sewing business was founded Machine in the 1920s, the company was not common. Sewing machines made in Italy. His first machine was not a big seller. After he had returned from World War I, his wife asked Necchi to purchase a sewing machine. Instead of buying from another manufacturer, he decided to build his own sewing machine. Singer is a brand like that.

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Some of the most notable vintage Necchi Sewing Machine Models

Necchi has made many technological advances over the years in its sewing machines. These innovations led to some noteworthy vintage sewing machine models, such as the ones listed here.

Necchi BU

In 1932, the company introduced the Necchi B.U. The company claims that the Necchi BU was the first domestic zigzag sewing machine. This machine can also sew buttonholes or decorative stitches. It is a popular choice for home sewers who want a machine that does more than the straight stitch.

Necchi BF Mira

Collectors also love the 1950s Necchi BF Mira sewing machine. The machine has an adjustable feed dog and a low shank. It is a straight stitch machine that uses fewer features than the Supernova. It’s still well-made and a great choice for those who want a stylish and usable vintage sewing machine.

Necchi Supernova

The Necchi Supernova was endorsed by Sophia Lauren, actress and model. The 1954 release of the Necchi Supernova was a masterpiece. It won numerous awards. The machine was fully automated and featured a variety of zigzag stitch patterns. This made it versatile, quick, and easy-to-use. This vintage Necchi sewing machine is a great choice for those who value quality, features and value.

Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine Prices

You may be interested in how much a vintage Necchi sewing machines is worth. These machines are often more valuable than many models from antique Singers. The vintage Necchi sewing machines have an excellent reputation for quality and were not made in the same quantity as other vintage sewing machine brands. They are therefore quite rare. A good example could be worth up to $400. Particularly supernovas can be very valuable. Below are some examples of machines that were recently sold:

  • A 1950s Necchi Supernova, complete with original cabinet and all accessories, was sold for approximately $500
  • A Necchi-BF Mira in excellent condition with its accessories and cabinet sold for approximately $400
  • A Necchi which had been fully serviced was sold for $175.

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FAQ about Necchi Sewing Machines

Is it worth buying old sewing machines?

First, a sewing machine that was made more than 100 years ago is considered antique. While machines of recenter age are considered antique, they can still be very valuable on the collectors’ market. Keep the serial number of your machine handy.

How Old Is My Necchi Sewing Machine?

It’s not difficult to find the age of your Necchi sewing machine. Contact Necchi by simply obtaining the serial number, possibly the model number. This should be the fastest and most efficient way to determine the age of your machine.

Does the Necchi family still own the sewing machine company?

Vittorio, after a long battle with illness, died in November 1975. The Necchi dynasty was over. His sisters were not interested in the revival of the once-great business, as he had no children. Multiple times the company was sold, bought again, and then resurrected and moved.

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How big of a sewing machine company was the Necchi Sewing company?

In 1947, 40% of the 120,000 machines made in Italy were made by Necchi. The company produced 75,000 machines per annum by 1948 and was distributed all over the globe. The factory was located in Pavia, Italy. It included four production lines, including the foundry and household sewing machines as well as cabinet production.

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