How old is my Hotpoint washing machine?

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Do you own an old inherited Hotpoint washing machine that makes you curious to know how old it might be? Hotpoint washing machines have a rich and long history, dating back to 1911, over the years, these remarkable vintage Hotpoint washing machines have really developed and are still highly valued and popular.

Washers, enthusiasts, and collectors are always on the lookout for old Hotpoint washing machine models. If you have run into one of these great bargains at your local market, identifying the age and model is worth it, it might be an overlooked gem!

 To determine the age of your old Hotpoint washing machine, you can use the following approaches:

  1. Serial number
  2. Manufacture date
  3. Physical assessment
  4. Collector’s view

1. Serial number

The serial number is the most common way used to identify the year any Hotpoint washing machine model was manufactured. You must first locate the Hotpoint washing machine serial number( not the model number).

Old Hotpoint washing machine serial number begins with two letters, followed by six digits. The two letters represent the month, and the two digits represent the month and the year the inventor built the Hotpoint washer. You can find the serial number inside the door or at the back of the appliance.

Your old Hotpoint washing machine is more robust and has a long lifespan than newer washers. And it is because the materials used to build them were quality. They made these vintage Hotpoint washing machines to last. So if your old washer breaks, consider calling a technician instead of rushing to the nearest store to get a replacement. Most technicians are qualified enough to fix any problem on your washing machine.

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2. The manufacture date

The manufacture date is also another way used to determine how old a washing machine is.

To identify the manufacture date of your washer, you can use an age finder that matches the serial. It is called the GE Hotpoint serial number age finder.

The letters on your washer’s serial number contain a date code. By matching the date code with the corresponding serial number, you will know its actual manufacture date.

The manufacture’s date can also show you whether your old Hotpoint washing machine is vintage or an antique washer. The two terms are used interchangeably, but the truth is that they are two completely different terms.

Antique washers are at least 100 years old, while most dealers consider Vintage as washers that are at least 40years old.

The older your old Hotpoint machine is, the more valuable it is.

 3. Physical assessment

Older washing machines were much heavier, made of better quality materials and it’s a shame they don’t produce the same way anymore. If you take a closer look at your old Hotpoint washing machine, you will realize that it’s heavier and more robust.

High-quality and functioning old Hotpoint washing machines were in high demand and were considered a better option than new damaged ones.

Old Hotpoint washing machines were made of bulky strong materials that required little to no maintenance. It was also much simpler to use them, instructions did not require you to do so much.

4. Collector’s point of view

Collectors know a bit about the history of the vintage stuff they sell. From a collector’s point of view, they can differentiate different machines by checking particular features. You can ask a collector to come and physically assess your washing machine. Most likely by looking at the specs of your machine they will be able to tell how old your machine is.

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When was the oldest Hotpoint washing machine invented?

Even though people cleaned their dirty laundry almost 200 years ago, inventions similar to the washing machines we use today had already begun. We owe the creation of the oldest Hotpoint washing machines to two hardworking inventors, namely, George A. Hughes and Earl Richardson, in 1920.

In 1911 is when it all started. In the same year, the “Hotpoint Electrical Heating Company” launched officially. The iron was Hotpoint’sHotpoint’s first main product. Their first washing machines followed suit.

Over the years, Hotpoint has become a household name for home appliances. The Hotpoint brand ownership split between Whirlpool, an American company with rights in Europe, and Haier, a Chinese company with rights in the Americas through its acquisition in 2016 of GE appliance, but when was the first Hotpoint washing machine built?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the serial number located for old Hotpoint washing machines?

Every Hotpoint washing machine has a serial number, and you can check it physically.

Ever since production started, different Hotpoint washing machines models have always been told apart from serial numbers. Each serial number corresponds to a particular model from a specific date and location.

If you need replacements or repairs for your old Hotpoint washing machine, the engineers will need the serial number and model of your washer so they can use the right tools and source the right parts.

How did the invention of the first Hotpoint washing machine impact society?

The invention of the washing machines generally made life much simpler for everyone. Women up to date are the biggest beneficiaries. Liberation from laundry chores meant most women had the time to enter the labor market, and by doing so, their status in society gradually began to change.

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Can one tell the age of a Hotpoint washing machine by model number?

No, you cannot tell how old your washing machine is using the model number. For most washing machine models, the serial number is what is used to know how old the machine is. Hotpoint uses the first two numbers of its serial number to denote the month, and the year the washer was manufactured.

Why do you need to know if your old Hotpoint washing machine is vintage or an antique washer?

Knowing whether your old Hotpoint machine is either Vintage or antique will help you determine the value of your washing machine.

The US Custom services define an antique as a “100 years of age or older” item. According to Merriam Webster, Vintage is younger(before 1999) or as earlier as the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Wrapping up

Your old Hotpoint washing machine is a treasure that is to be taken care of well! Older washers were workhorses built for actual durability. Suppose you’re weighing your options of whether to replace or repair your old Hotpoint washing machine. The answer; Repair. Reusing your old appliance  is a great “Green practice.”

Washing machine repair pros report that older machines are better than new ones because new washers are no longer built the same way as before.

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