Are old washing machines worth anything?

old washing machines

Remember the washing machine you got in the 80s? That old washing machine that seemed to last forever. Whereas, the one you bought a few years ago is already broken. They don’t make the washing machines the way they used to!

Old washing machines were made to last longer. They were heavier because they were built with the best quality materials. Vintage washing machines generally lasted for a longer period compared to the new washing machines created today. This doesn’t mean that there are no quality washing machines to be found these days, but the chances of a washing machine from today’s market lasting for 25 years or more are very low.

What makes antique washing machines valuable?

Do you suspect that the old washing machine you have might be worth something? Whether you have been using the washing machine for years or you just inherited it from your grandparents, it’s interesting to know the worth of your machine, whether it’s a Maytag wringer washing machine or something else.

Values vary a lot and are greatly affected by various factors which include:

  1. Condition: Is your old washing machine in good shape? Consider the dents, scratches, mechanical functions, dings, as well as decals. Is the antique washing machine rusted or attractive? Are all machine components operable or present? The better the condition, the more valuable the old washing machine will be.
  2. Desirability: Is your old washing machine a desirable model? Some vintage washing machines are highly in demand among collectors. If your washing machine has factors, like a unique color, that make it highly sought after, then it will be more highly valuable.
  3. Authenticity: For a washing machine to be considered an antique, it must be over 100 years old. You can find out the year your old washing machine was built by researching the serial number online.
  4. Completeness: Does the vintage washing machine contain its original cabinet? Do you have the manual and the original accessories? If the original components are available, the washing machine’s value can greatly increase.
  5. Location: Some washing machines are well known in certain areas. Contact appraisers, antique shops, and collectors to find out the value of the antique washing machine in your region.
  6. Variations: Over the years, the price placed by one collector on your vintage washing machine may vary from another’s.
  7. History: Was your old washing machine ever owned by a historical figure? Did someone significant in washing machine history ever use it? If so, the antique washing machine could be quite valuable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are old washing machines better than new ones?

In past years, when you purchased a washing machine chances were high that you’d use it for years before acquiring a replacement. Today, some people still prefer buying old machines for the following reasons:

  1. Build quality and durability: There are old washing machines that are still operational 100 years down the line. The life expectancy of today’s washing machine is approximately 11 years.
  2. Costs of repair and maintenance: The maintenance and repair of new washing machines are higher than those of old washing machines due to computerization.
  3. Value and price: Washing machines cost a fortune compared to the old washing machines that can be acquired for half the price. Their value lasts for a long time too.

Should you replace or repair an old washing machine?

This may come as a shock to you, but antique washing machines are more durable and robust than newer ones. The answer is very simple: Cost. Over the years, washing machine manufacturers have discovered newer and less expensive ways to produce washing machines. Although they offer a wide variety of washing machines, their components are less robust.

So, embrace your antique washing machines. When you notice a problem, find experts to come and check it out instead of running to the nearest store to get a replacement.

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In addition to being able to save money that you would have had to use to purchase a new washing machine, you will be able to save a perfectly good washing machine from being dumped. “They don’t make them like they used to” isn’t an empty appliances repair phrase.

What to do when your old washing machine breaks

It is very common with older appliances to discover that your vintage washing machine is not functioning properly. Ensure that a qualified repair technician checks it out before you start thinking of getting a new one. It could something as uncomplicated as a broken belt causing the problem. With an easy and affordable belt replacement, your antique washing machine will be ready and back in business in no time.

How do you recycle your old washing machine?

If the total repair costs exceed 50% of the price, that means it’s broken beyond repair. Perhaps it’s time to recycle your old washing machine!

There are four main ways of recycling your older washing machine:

  1. Recycle your old washing machine when you get another one ( buy another vintage washer, right?)

A lot of appliances retailers will recycle your old washing when you buy another washing machine from them. They recycle it well and resale it as a second-hand unit.

  • Check with your conservation orstate energy office, local electric company or water utilities programs
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These organizations have programs that support an increasing number of old washing machine recycling programs.

  • Get a municipal pick-up of your old washing machine

Contact your local Waste Management Division directly for information. They may offer recycling programs for old appliances and heavy trash pick-up.

  • Contact your local scrap metal recycler

Many scrap metal recyclers also recycle old appliances. Ask for assurance from your local scrap recycler that your old washing machine will be recycled properly.

Wrapping Up

Though they are energy efficient, most washing machines these days, are not made to last like old washing machines did! Old washing machines were built in an era where materialism hadn’t taken over. The vintage washing machines were given components that lasted for longer and were easy to fix. Also, they were easy to operate and one didn’t need a computer science course to operate them.

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